Centricity PM - Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Billing and Practice Management)
GE Centricity Practice Management (PM) is a widely used revenue cycle management system for medical practices large and small.  Centricity PM integrates demographic management, scheduling, billing, and reporting components that enable physicians and practice managers to be up to date on their practice real-time.  Centricity PM is also able to handle unlimited managed care fee schedules, payer analysis, physician productivity, and reimbursement analysis of procedures.  

The integrated EDI component includes submission, automated remittance advice, and eligibility checking.

Centricity EMR – Electronic Medical Records
GE Centricity EMR enables physicians to have a paperless repository of information for each patient in the practice.  Centricity EMR provides access to a wealth of best practice knowledge shared by a User’s Group that is managed independently by a broad network of enthusiastic, knowledgeable customers.  Each patent file contains information about recent diagnoses, laboratory tests, prescriptions, immunization history, etc.  Centricity EMR is certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT).

GE Practice Analytics is a reporting tool that enables practices to customize reports or come up with a number of preset views.  GE Practice Analytics gives more insight into your patient visits, procedure history, revenue streams, referring doctor analysis – items not normally available in an out of the box software package.

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