Medical Billing

Medical Billing is AMI’s core business.  With over 16 years in business, AMI has the core competencies to significantly increase your revenue stream.  In most cases, the increase in revenue offsets the cost of the medical billing service. 

GE Centricity™ software integrates medical billing functions with scheduling, practice management, and real-time reporting.  For the medical practice, this creates visibility into the billing process.  Real-time reporting capability gives the physician insight and immediate access to the status of a claim, patient ledgers, accounts receivables, all from the click of one button.  Access to the GE Centricity™ system is available from your office, home, and PDA.  Your medical practice will have the ability to bypass the normal “back and forth” time between the medical practice and billing office.

Our medical billing service offerings include:

  • Scheduling – Creation of templates and management of schedule.  Provides traceability between patient’s visit all the way to claim payment. 
  • Entering in patient demographics including insurance(s)
  • Posting charges, posting payments
  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Patient Statements
  • Reporting – Customized to meet your needs
  • Physician Recredentialing
  • Negotiating contracts with insurance companies
  • Conducting meetings with medical practices to discuss financial reports and billing strategy.    


Scheduling – Managing the schedule of your practice and tracking patient visits including office, hospital, and at other facilities enables accountability for both the practice and medical billing company.  Each patient visit is linked to a claim thus creating an easy way to map back to the patient’s financial record.   

Scheduling software also allows your practice to keep track of patients who cancel, create waiting lists, block time for important meetings, and view your schedule in different formats (i.e. daily, weekly, and monthly). 

We will work with the practice administrator and / or physicians to develop schedule templates that suit your needs.

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